Tennis court Construction Cost

Without lighting costs between $25000 and $50000 depending upon where you live, the surface you want, (Asphalt or Clay) and the condition of the surface you intend to put it on. Indoor is a totally different situation with a much higher cost.

A few things to remember for proper tennis court construction are:

Make sure the ground is compacted with a well draining soil Use a crushed stone sub-grade of 6-8 inches to help with water drainage and for freeze / thaw. Asphalt should be 3-4 inches thick (usually done in two steps) It should slope slightly (1%) from side to side Acrylic resurfacer should be applied after the asphalt has cured (at least 1 coat resurfacer and 2 coats color).

If the ground is in a low area, you may want to dig a small trench around the outside to keep water from staying underneath and possible cause it to shift or crack when it freezes.